Father Dan McGeown

1911 - 1947


The Sarsfields club ground is named in honour of Fr. Dan McGeown. A local man he was ordained in 1939 and was destined for the Maynooth Mission to China, but the outbreak of war prevented him from travelling. Fr Dan played for Sarsfields from the early thirties. He is particularly remembered for playing the renowned ‘Sevens’ team which was undefeated for seven years in the 1930’s. A wing forward, he is remembered as a flyer, with great swerving speed and very difficult to mark. Fr. Dan played for Sarsfields until 1945 a period in which the club was the dominant force in North Armagh. He also lined out for the county between 1935 and 1939.  At the end of the war Father Dan began to concentrate on his departure for the Burmese mission and he left for Burma on 6th August 1946. He was stationed in Bhamo near the Chinese border. After just a year and two days serving the missions he fell ill and died from complications due to appendicitis, at the tender age of just 36 years. Father Dan was buried far from his beloved native home in Bhamo cemetery.