GAA Oral History Project

The history of the GAA in Armagh is the focus of a major history project about to be carried out. The GAA Oral History Project is one of the biggest sporting history projects ever undertaken in the world and will leave a remarkable legacy for future generations.

The GAA Oral History Project aims to record the fullest possible picture of what the GAA has meant to the Irish people, in their own words. Sarsfields wants to hear your stories. Our club needs your help to tell the story of our club and county. The Project will gather people’s stories through face to face interviews and by archiving other materials. The Sarsfields P.R.O. will be working on this project over the next few months. Further information can be obtained at

Can you suggest someone who should be interviewed? Would you like to share your memories of our club? If so please contact the Sarsfields PRO at
The club also hopes to build up a collection of documents, photographs and recordings relating to the social life of the GAA from 1884 to the present. If you have any material relating to Sarsfields club please allow the club to build an archive of that material. Examples would include photos and these could be of players, supporters or helpers. They could be, from social and cultural events, scór, matches or anything with a connection to the club. Other examples would be any documentation relating to the club; programmes, news clippings, recordings, posters, letters, poems, or songs.

You do not have to donate any material permanently. All materials will be copied and safely returned to you. In participating in this project you can make a very valuable contribution to our club and to future generations of club members. You will also ensure that precious memories will never be lost.

So far a number of people have come forward and loaned me material to be copied for the benefit of the club. Thank you for your help.